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6 Aug

Happy Birthday: World Wide Web turns 20



Love the internet:) Very thankful it. It has revolutionized the world. 


Group says it hacked 70 U.S. law

enforcement sites

A hacking group said it has retaliated for the arrests of its members by attacking the websites of more than 70 U.S. law enforcement institutions and releasing 10 gigabytes of information.

"For too long [police and informants] have been using and abusing our personal information," AntiSec posted.


Completely support the work of Anonymous and Lulzsec, defendors of freedom of information.
Learn about Anonymous plan: http://www.whatis-theplan.org/


You Can Get Sued for Downloading Porn? Producers Crack Down by Exposing Illegal Downloaders

If you’ve downloaded “adult entertainment” illegally, or if someone has downloaded these materials from your IP address–or even if you’ve downloaded said materials accidentally, not knowing you were breaking the law–you could be the target of a lawsuit, one that may be using the implication of public shaming  to prod defendants to pony up a settlement.

(I’ve heard that the last thing internet users would let be taken away is their porn:P)


Commentary: There have been a lot of thightening control of the internet recenlty, there have been several law propositions governing the last truly free place in  the world. I understand copyright and everything, but many times these laws come with clauses that call for espionage, tracking, and mining for databases in which users personal infomation is stored. We need to defend the internet.


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