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Chik-fil-A sponsoring organizations of hate

18 Jul


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Put War Profiteers on the Defensive

14 Sep
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  Help Us Buy the Politico Ad

It’s an all-out fight on Capitol Hill. Today, the new deficit committee holds its first meeting. Can you donate $15 to help us send a strong message to the war industry that we will fight their scheme to influence the deficit committee?
Military contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon created a front group called “Second To None” to pressure Congress to protect their massive revenues ($102.8 billion in 2010!) from cuts by the deficit commission. On Tuesday, they will stage a “march to the Hill.” These corporations already donated more than one million dollars to committee members. You can bet they’ll try to “cash in.” We need your support to combat Second To None’s influence.
If we raise $10,000 by Sunday, we’ll buy a full-page ad in Politico, a major Capitol Hill newspaper, getting Congress’s attention while throwing down the gauntlet to contractors and the Pentagon. Our new War Costscampaign will put these war profiteers on the defensive by running the ad the day before their “march,” getting our message out first. 

Remember: every billion dollars in war spending protected by the deficit committee costs us at least 3,200 jobs that would have created if that money were spent elsewhere. Help us tell Congress, “We need those jobs!” 

Please donate $15 to help us buy a full-page ad in Politico next week. We need your help to compete with the war industry’s 840+ lobbyists and campaign cash. We only have until Sunday to raise the money, so please contribute now! 

Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

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Rage Against the Machine | OpWallstreet

26 Aug

Generation OS13: The new culture of resistance

14 Jun

Generation OS13 is an explosive insight into the attack on civil liberties occurring in western democracies and how artists, musicians, journalists and authors encourage the peoples right to resist against Banker occupation. 


Examining economic dictatorships, puppet regimes, tax havens, tax dodgers, and the debt based money system the film explains why ‘you can not count on the law makers to see shit when it first happens’. For a new era, generation OS13, the repression will not be tolerated; do ‘the government really think they can win that war if the young people are like fuck this, you cant beat that you, can’t beat us, its Impossible’ – Saul Willams.


Featuring Painter, poet & song writer Billy Childish, Harry Malt from Bare Bones, Luke Turner from The Quietus, journalist Huw Nesbitt, broadcaster Max Kaiser, author Nicholas Shaxson & Artists Anika, Comanechi, Gaggles & Saul Williams.


“Those bailouts were absolutely required to save your civilisation, now if you talk about bail outs for everyone else you have to say to say to those people suck it in and cope buddy, suck it in and cope” 


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21 May

The question that’s raised by politicians is: How much will a project cost? The question is not: How much will it cost?, but: Do we have the resources? And we have the resources today to house everyone, build hospitals all over the world, build schools all over the world, the finest equipment in labs for teaching and doing medical research. So you see, we have all that, but we’re in a monetary system, and in a monetary system there’s profit.


And what is the fundamental mechanism that drives the profit system besides self-interest? What is it exactly that maintains that competitive edge at it’s core?

Is it high efficiency and sustainability? No. That isn’t part of their design. Nothing produced in our profit based society is even remotely sustainable or efficient. If it was, there wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar a year service industry for automobiles. Nor would the average lifespan for electronics be less than three months before they’re obsolete.

Is it abundance? Absolutely not. Abundance, as based on the laws of supply and demand, is actually a negative thing. If a diamond company finds ten times the usual amount of diamonds during their mining, it means the supply of diamonds has increased, which means the cost and profit per diamond drops.

The fact is; efficiency, sustainability, and abundance are the enemies of profit. To put it into a word, it is the mechanism of scarcity that increases profits.

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