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The price of low prices at Walmart

3 Jul


Walmart is now officially way over the hill.
This week is Walmart’s 50th birthday. While the champagne may be flowing at Walmart HQ, for the rest of us, Walmart’s anniversary is hardly cause for celebration. There’s a real cost to those “low prices” Walmart promises — and our communities are paying the price.
Walmart lives and dies by its public image. So, to commemorate its 50th birthday, we created an infographic for you to share with your friends, to help spread the word that Walmart’s business model is bad news for our communities and our world.
walmart infographic
See Walmart’s impact on our communities, by viewing the infographic online (at a size you can actually read) and then share it with your friends
Walmart has an enormous impact on everything it does, from wiping out local jobs and making the Walton’s one of the wealthiest families on Earth to using as much energy each year as the bottom 57 countries combined. Walmart is patting itself on the back about how far it’s come, but these wild facts show how far the world’s largest retailer has to go to live up to its motto of “Live Better.”
After you’ve checked it out for yourself, help us spread the word about the real-world impact of a company relentlessly and ruthlessly focused on its bottom line, by sharing our graphic on Facebook or forwarding this email to your friends.
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Kaytee, Claiborne, Taren and the rest of us


Tell Congress: End the #BushTaxCuts for the 2% now

29 May
Barack Obama addressing a joint session of Con...

Barack Obama addressing a joint session of Congress (State of the Union-like) on the night of February 24, 2009. Standing in front of Vice President Joe Biden (left) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, Nancy Pelosi urged Speaker Boehner to hold an immediate vote to make the Bush tax cuts permanent for everyone making less than $1 million annually.


It’s a good start, but we can do better.


President Obama has argued for keeping the tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less — a number much more in line with what most Americans would consider as the middle class.


As Congress gears up for a showdown on taxes this summer, we need our Democratic allies to stay true to message: the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% need to expire. Will you send a message to Congress, and tell them to let the Bush tax cuts for the ultra-rich expire once and for all?


We need a fair tax system that works for the 99% of us who work hard and play by the rules, not the 1% who lobby hard and rewrite the rules. The Bush tax cuts overwhelmingly benefited the 1%, who ate up 38% of the Bush tax cuts. And we never got the jobs that the right wing promised would trickle down because working people with good jobs drive the economy, not the 1%.


It’s time to end these tax cuts for the ultra-rich and turn our economy back around.


Republicans claim to be deficit hawks, but they refuse to raise taxes on the nation’s wealthiest by even one cent. Rather, they have proposed gutting nearly every program working class Americans rely on just to get by.


The Bush tax cuts for the ultra-rich were always a bad idea. It’s time to end them once and for all. Contact Congress now and tell them to end the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year.




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Tell Congress: End the #BushTaxCuts for the 2% now http://bit.ly/L0gzCr via @usaction #p2



The Reality Behind #StopKony Campaign by Invisible Children Org.?

7 Mar

I saw this video yesterday evening after a friend posted this on her Facebook timeline, and after watching it I was moved and joined on local effort that were already underway to  organize and do something on April 20 as the video proposed.

If you were up last night, you probably noticed that the video went viral on the internet, the Stop Kony website even crashed because of all the visitors.

This video was greatly done and very emotional/touching which has made it as viral as it is. Everyone shares the same desire for justice and a more better world.  

The following is a post on reddit, which I found while doing some more research on this #stopkony campaign.
(Redit post text is posted below)
It was a bit discouraging, although if you read the comments on the thread some other redditors make some valid arguments about the individuals hard work for eight year to bring light upon the situation in Uganda, which does deserve merit. They did get the Obama administration to do something as minimal as it was.
If this charity, Invisible Children, is not the effective, you could look for another one that is more effective in its work in Uganda/Africa, a redditer suggested AmnestyInternational (http://www.amnestyusa.org/) which is a great organization
I have even read articles online  that suggest that Kony could be very old  has been captured, or is even dead; this requires some more research. I encourage you to search more information on the internet. (I have provided some links to articles at the end of this post)
Something which is great about this video is that it has motivated a lot of people from across the world (the internet) to unite and come together regardless of political philosophy etc… that certainly deserves praise and merit. This at least gives hope to those of us who participate in advocacy and sometimes feel that people don’t care about what happens in the world, people still do and that is great. I have seen online people want to help and organize, who have never been politically involved, this could help raise the awareness and sensitivity of people on global issues. 
My suggestion do some research and do what you thinks is best. I don’t  think this video/organization is bad or evil, don’t get me wrong, the guys probably had good intentions as do everyone who is supporting the campaign now, but we should all do more investigating and come to our conclusion of how we want to proceed. (Again I posted some very good news articles and a letter form Ugandan official to President Obama below)
If he is not our target, I think people could still use the momentum provided by this viral video to advocate for Africa (i.e. the dying children Somalia and other regions) and/or advocate for peace, not war. 

Update: 3/7/2012 8pm Central Time.

Invisible Children responds to criticism about ‘Stop Kony’ campaign


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

 Mahatma Gandhi
Facebook Reactions:
at least it is waking younger people up as to believing in a cause some of them may end up being proactive adults – Renee H.
Below I have posted some comments that have caught my attention:
“it’s likely propaganda, however i don’t think its baseless, but probably irrelevant since Kony was beat down and made insignificant before invisible children even entered the scene. the group is ranked very low, as charities go, for not being independently audited, and not having a board, as non profits are required to have. it’s fishy. but the problem with Kony is not made up.” -George D.
Another comment I liked posted on facebook
“Ismael, you posted a great video(referring to Kony 2012 video) and aside from all that has been commented here in this forum, it is of our individual and collective responsibility to do everything we can to protect children and ensure they have access to the most valuable resources to a successful future.” -Sandy L.
Yea agreed, seeing something good happen because of what people have done would be a good thing, and it would show people the power that free speech and the internet can have 🙂 (-Andrew-)

You Can Make A Difference


Below is the reddit post

This is what sort of sparked it all which is not good. The video itself is a good piece of emotional porn but that’s about it. It’s honestly NOT worth the 30 minutes when you find out somethings about the organization that is doing this [Invisible Children].

First of all, the guy who made that film get’s paid $90,000 a year. That’s for him and his family. This does not include him paying costs for film equipment, video editting software, nor does it cover travel or accomodations whilst in anywhere else. Those are all covered under the ludicrous budgets that the Invisible Children organization actually deal with. Let’s go to that now. Here are some expenses from CharityNavigator.

Compensation of Leaders | % of Compensation relative to amount of money made by IC | Title

  • $88,241 | 0.99% | Ben Keesey – CEO
  • $89,669 | 1.00% | Jason Russell – Co-Founder/Filmmaker
  • $84,377 | 0.94% | Laren Poole – Co-Founder/Filmmaker


  • Total Contributions: $10,334,060
  • Program Service Revenue: $3,423,351
  • Total Primary Revenue: $13,757,411
  • Other Revenue $7,769
  • TOTAL REVENUE: $13,765,180


  • Program Expenses: $7,163,384
  • Administrative Expenses: $1,444,570
  • Fundraising Expenses: $286,678

Payments to Affiliates $0 Excess (Or deficit) for the year: $4,870,548

Net Assets $6,584,811

As if that isn’t bad enough, they’ve refused to Co-operate with the Better Business Bureau, Their transparancy rating is fairly low on Charity Navigator, and allegations of fraud.

Besides, they make a fairly large point about sending money to the Ugandan Military. This is a big no no for a couple of reasons. First of all, Kony isn’t even in Uganda. Funding a military that has no real authority over another country to LOOK in other countries, is a moronic idea to begin with. Secondly, the Ugandan military is already using this as an excuse to enter other countries and exploit resources from surrouding areas. The Government of Uganda is full of criminals that are worse than Kony himself. Not to mention the bloody PRESIDENT of Uganda is responsible for millions of deaths. Then you’ve got allegations coming out that Kony is already dead. The LRA (Konys ragtag bunch of assholes) isn’t that large, or all that active.

The worst thing about Invisible Children (In my opinion) is that they lobbies for DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION IN AFRICA. After all of the terrorist hunts in the Middle East, and having troops stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq, don’t you think that the people would have learned by now that having troops in another country to hunt one asshole isn’t exactly the best idea? Especially when some of the Republicans believe that invading Iran is a fairly good idea at the moment. There are SERIOUS issues with this group, issues that people are overlooking. I will admit that at first I was already on Twitter and ready to bitch at people about the injustice that’s being served in other countries and then I decided to look into the organization. The information is there, and willing, but people are fearful to even look. Fearful, lazy, or just swept up by the movement. Injustice exists in the world. It is damn stupid, and it sucks ass, but that’s the nature of this planet at the moment. Humanity, since rising from the primordial ooze, has killed people over far less than anything you could imagine. Then there’s the fact that if Kony is alive, and the ICC, or International Criminals Court, manages to put him on trial, what’s it going to achieve? Numerous war criminals have stood trial before the ICC. This isn’t a game of chess. You don’t topple a pawn and move on. The pawns replicate. It’s like fighting a hydra. If you slice off one head, more are going to pop up in it’s place. You remove one player, and 10 others will appear. Hell, there’s a case to be made that awareness driven ngos perpetuate the current state of afafairs and are an intergral part of the current system of global unfairness. They offer placebos for guilty consciences and as such, they don’t change anything. If you think of large entites such as Global Corporations, conglomorates and powerful nation states that capitalize on injustice, corruption and disorganization and exploit the poor for their resources and manpower, the best thing that could happen to them are programs such as this. There’s a lot of reasons why Invisible Children has a good idea of what they’re doing, but FAR too much on the opposite sides of the scales to tip myself (and no doubt others) into not bothering with this group and it’s practices.

Information retrieved by use of google, and a variety of different comments spread across Kony2012 post comment fields.

EDIT: A couple of things to note

1) The majority of this post is my beliefs and some facts. I made an opinion and people are saying things, and giving me ‘praise’ (Can’t think of another word) for something that I posted to shut some people up as well as state my opinion.

2) I’m not saying do nothing, which is what half of the people who commented to this post seem to believe. I’m saying that there are many ways you can help the world be a better place rather than subscribing to an organization which seems a bit shady at best. Amnesty International is one, as well as Doctors Without Borders.

3) For the love of God, read the entire thing before you comment. I had my message box flooded with posts saying “You’re getting mad over them paying themselves a perfectly normal, reasonable amount of money?” That is NOT THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THIS COMMENT. While I do not agree with getting paid $90k, which is twice the average income per year in America, that’s not what I’m getting at. What I’m getting at is that Invisible Children is an organization that you should think twice about before having any dealings with. If you want to, then that is entirely up to you. I’m just trying to put some facts out there as well as stating my opinion that I am well within my rights to do so. Now. I’m going to bed. It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’ve spent the better part of the past hour and a half going through comments to this comment and trying to explain myself and I’m exhausted. Good night and do whatever you believe is right.


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21 Nov
Wow — what a repsonse.  In just a few hours more than 20,000 people have asked Senator Wyden to read their names from the floor of the Senate during his filibuster of Internet censorship.  
Please visit StopCensorship.org to sign up, and ask your friends to join you:

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And you can read our earlier email for more details about this campaign and the video Wyden just made for Demand Progress:


Last week was amazing.  More than 1,000,000 people spoke out against Internet censorship.

But the threat still looms large: We hear that there could be a vote in the Senate right after Thanksgiving.

Check out this message he just recorded for Demand Progress members:
Wyden says he’ll even filibuster the legislation if he needs to.  Sometimes filibusters last hours — or days — leaving Senators reading out of the dictionary or cookbooks to pass the time.  But we’ve got a much better idea:

What better way to demonstrate our strength than to ask Senator Wyden to read our names into the record during his filibuster?  He’s agreed to read censorship opponents’ names from the floor of the Senate, and to try to enter the rest into the Congressional Record.

Have a great holiday — and rest up so we can press forward hard next week.
-The Demand Progress team
P.S. Please help push this viral by sharing StopCensorship.org with your friends:
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Paid for by Demand Progress (DemandProgress.org) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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We’re being censored

17 Nov

It’s been a show of force like no other: More than 700k anti-censorship contacts have been delivered to Congress so far this week, as the Blacklsit Bill gets heard in committee.
What an amazing day — let’s top it off with one more push.  Please send one more message to Congress — even if you already have — touting our numbers and telling them they need to back down.
Let’s make it clear that the Internet has risen up, and won’t back down until Congress listens.
Please just click here to send one more message to Congress.
The Stop Online Piracy Act would ruin so much of what’s best about the Internet: It will give the government an
d corporations new powers to block Americans’ access to sites that are accused of copyright infringement, force sites like YouTube to go to new lengths to police users’ contributions, and put people in prison for streaming certain content online.
Congress needs to get the message: Let’s finish the day strong, and let them know we’re here to stay.
-The Demand Progress team
P.S. Please use these links to get your friends involved in the fight, and if you have a website, please link back to our petition page.

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Paid for by Demand Progress (DemandProgress.org) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

One last thing — Demand Progress’s small, dedicated, under-paid staff relies exclusively on the generosity of members like you to support our work. Will you click here to chip in $5 or $10? Or you can become a Demand Progress monthly sustainer by clicking here. Thank you!


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