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Tell the EPA: Ban the pesticide that’s killing bees!

20 Jun
In the next week, the EPA is expected to issue a decision on the pesticide Clothianidin — which scientists believe is a major factor in the alarming decline in U.S honey bee populations, known as Colony Collapse Disorder

Since 2006, one third of U.S honey bee populations have been dying off. One third. Every year. That’s a terrible rate of species destruction on its own, but it’s also a serious threat to our food supply. Honey beesplay a crucial role by pollinating 71 of the 100 most common crops, which account for 90% of the world’s food supply. 

The EPA will be issuing a decision soon. If the agency doesn’t act, it won’t review Clothianidin again until 2018 — and by then it could be too late for the bees. 

I just signed a petition to the EPA, and I thought you would want to add your name, too. 


Stop the Tea Party’s attack on clean air

7 Nov
On Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is expected to force a vote in the Senate to prevent the EPAfrom implementing its life-saving Cross State Air Pollution rule. 

Because the Tea Party darling Sen. Paul is using an obscure procedural tactic called the Congressional Review Act, he only needs 51 votes to pass the law to handcuff the EPA from enforcing the Clean Air Act

Support in the Senate for the Clean Air Act is extremely tenuous. I just signed a petition making sure my Senatorsknow I expect them to protect my health and reject the Tea Party’s attack on clean air. 

Learn more and sign the petition here: 


We petition the Obama administration to end Corporate Lobbying in Congress.

22 Sep

We petition the Obama administration to end Corporate Lobbying in Congress.

Corporate lobbying serves no purpose but to serve corporate interest. Corporations do not represent citizens; they represent their business’s interest which is to make more profit.

Corporations are mostly unaccountable to the government.

Corporations should not be legally allowed to bribe (buy) our elected officials. Our elected officials should be doing the people’s will, of these whole elected and are sworn to represent and defend.

Sing the petition in the new website launched by the White House to facilitate the petition process, we need 5,000 signature, creat your own petitions to.


More Info:

Corporate money has corrupted our Democracy.

Exhibit A is our depressed economy: between 1998 and 2008, Wall Street investment firms, commercial banks, hedge funds, real estate companies and insurance conglomerates made $1.725 billion in political contributions to elected officials of both parties in Washington, D.C., and spent another $3.4 billion on lobbyists. This overwhelming financial juggernaut was aimed at eliminating federal regulation of the financial industry – laws that had been in place since the Great Depression to prevent speculation, abusive lending practices and banks becoming “too big to fail.”

It worked. As we explain in “Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America,” the financial industry got what it wanted from Washington. Then, when the industry collapsed, driving the American economy into a ditch, Wall Street ran back to Washington. Hundreds of firms got bailouts that grew to trillions of dollars, paid for by – who else –  American taxpayers.

The rest of us got nothing. No help for our mortgages, our credit cards, our college loans. One out of ten Americans can’t find a job. One of four American families have lived in poverty over the last few years. People have lost their homes, their life savings, their health, their pride and their confidence. Meanwhile, the Wall Street CEOs whose jobs we rescued are making more money than ever before. Our elected officials don’t pay attention to regular Americans because we don’t supply them with the money they need to get elected.

In politics, money has truly become the root of all evil.

There have been many attempts to limit the ability of corporations to empty their treasuries on behalf of candidates and causes who will contribute to their bottom line. Indeed, after every national scandal, public outrage has forced lawmakers to impose restrictions on corporate donations and lobbying. But a series of court decisions gradually whittled away those laws on the ground that spending money on lobbyists and elections is exercising “freedom of speech” and therefore protected by the U.S. Constitution.

The final blow to our democracy came in 2010, when the United States Supreme Court declared that corporations have the same rights as human beings under the First Amendment. The infamous case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, ignited a firestorm of criticism.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the right of corporations to spend money to influence elections, even covertly, and to give money and gifts to politicians for the purpose of influencing their votes, is protected by the First Amendment and cannot be limited or regulated.

The Supreme Court’s decision has unleashed a tidal wave of corporate money, often undisclosed, into our elections, one that has drowned out the voices of average Americans and turned our country into an aristocracy in which the People are taxed for the benefit of the powerful elites that run Wall Street and Washington.

All Americans – no matter what your political beliefs – will lose if this Supreme Court decision stands. Our own freedom of speech under the First Amendment is negated when corporations with vastly greater resources start exercising their “freedom of speech.”

The only way to stop this nightmare and restore the rights of Americans is to pass a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Here’s the Amendment we propose:

“The protections of the First Amendment that apply to the spending of money on lobbying and elections, whether by contributions, expenditures or otherwise, shall extend only to human beings.”

Tell Congress: Stop the radical assault on the environment

14 Sep

Dear Friend,

Congressional Republicans are making a sport of irresponsible attacks to undermine the environment and public health — attaching three dozen radical amendments that should have no place in the Department of Interior budget bill.

In July, when extremists crossed the line and tried to eradicate endangered species protections in this same bill, we helped build a public outcry that stopped the so-called “extinction rider.”

Now, we need another massive show of opposition. Our friends at the League of Conservation Voters are leading the fight against this outrageous bill. Please take action and send a message to your representative now.

Elijah Zarlin
Campaign Manager, CREDO Action

Tell Congress to reject the biggest assault ever on our air, water, lands and wildlife.

Dear Friend,


Tell Congress to reject the biggest assault ever on our air, water, lands & wildlife.

The House Republican leadership has just upped the ante on their already unprecedented assault on our nation’s bedrock environmental laws.

Earlier this summer, House Republican leaders and other pro-polluter lawmakers pushed a series of amendments to the Interior and Environment spending bill that represent the most egregious attack ever on our air, land, water and wildlife. Since the House of Representatives did not reach a final vote on this bill before departing for the August recess we must fight this horrendous legislation right away as members of Congress return to Washington this week.

And make no mistake: this is far and away the worst environmental bill ever. The spending bill contains more than three dozen anti-environment policy measures that have absolutely no place in a budget measure, won’t save the country a penny and are nothing more than giveaways to various special interest polluters.

Click here to e-mail your member of Congress. Tell them to reject this extreme assault on vital environmental safeguards that protect the air our children breathe and the water they drink.

The egregious policy provisions include measures that — if enacted into law — would threaten Americans‘ lives and well-being by blocking limits on harmful air pollution, increase pollution in sources of drinking water for 117 million Americans and threaten the iconic Grand Canyon with toxic pollution from uranium mining. And these are just a handful of the many dirty and dangerous provisions included in this legislation!

The cuts in this legislation would have a devastating impact on Americans’ health and environment. Those cuts include budget reductions of 18 percent for the EPA, 80 percent for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and 21 percent for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Click here to e-mail your member of Congress. Tell them to reject this extreme legislation that is nothing more than a giveaway to Big Oil, Dirty Coal and other corporate polluters.

As if the underlying bill weren’t harmful enough, we expect members of Congress to offer anti-environmental amendments on the floor that would wreak even greater havoc on Americans’ health and environment and keep us dependent on expensive and dangerous energy sources.

Fortunately, President Obama has threatened to veto this harmful legislation, noting that a number of the measures in the bill are “ideological and political provisions that are beyond the scope of funding legislation.” However, we cannot afford to let House Republican leaders push this legislation without a fight. We must expose their extreme anti-environment efforts. Click here to e-mail your representative.

Thank you,
Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

© 2011 CREDO. All rights reserved.

Bad Politics. Dirty Air.

14 Sep

Watch our new online ad and tell President Obama that dirty air and sick voters won’t win him anything.



The President and his political team are convinced that, no matter what they do, they’ll have the full support of people like you who care about the quality of the air they breathe and the health of their families.


So when he announces that he won’t be enforcing ozone pollution protections that according to the EPA would save 12,000 American lives and ease the health burden of the 24 million people suffering from asthma, he’s hoping not to hear from you.


But he has to. It’s the only way we are going to get the President to stop working for corporate polluters and start working for everyday Americans. 


The President will address the nation tonight about the job situation. Greenpeace has just released a 30 second ad in advance of tonight’s speech that addresses his job situation.


Our goal is to get 20,000 views in the next couple of hours before the President’s speech. We’ll be pushing this video to news media and blogs we know his supporters watch. But we can’t get his attention without you. Check out the video and share it with everyone you know who supported the President in 2008

Watch the Video!
(Click here to watch the video)

He needs to be reminded that in November he is counting on people who care about the environment and the health of their family and loved ones. Not just for votes, but for volunteer hours and everything else that goes into winning a campaign.


This is all about politics and it is sickening. There is still hope. The President just needs to start protecting our health from ozone pollution — much of which comes from coal-fired power plants — and stop doing the dirty work of corporate polluters. If you agree, watch the video and share it with your friends.


Thanks for all you do,


Philip Radford
Greenpeace Executive Director


P.S. Forward this message to the people you know who supported the President in 2008. It’s the only way we are going to get the message out.

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